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The community for Poly folks on LJ

Hi All
We are a loving poly couple supporting the polyamorous life. We created a social site just for poly people. Stop by and visit Polylife

New to the community

Its nice to see people like me, exploring the world of free love and sex. I have two girlfriends and unfortunately we have been posted away from each other. 
We have just started a blog where we discuss our sexual escapades and explore our relationship through cyberspace in an attempt to keep it spiced up and naughty. Passion in cyberspace is a completely new ball game for us. 
It would be really nice to get advice and comments from people engaging in similar relationships and also in a subversive form of love ;)

Love always

Local partners
Is anyone else on here finding it hard to find local partners?  I have two wonderful LDR's in my life.  But I can't seem to find someone local.  I know being in Utah does make it a harder, but it shouldn't make it impossible.

Please share your poly experiences with me..

Just Joined
I just joined this community.  Sure was hoping it would be a bit more active.  Why so quiet?

So...no one has posted in forever, I noticed this just now and I added this community last night. Apparently though, there must be someone in this little Ghost Community because I was friended back...So I'm going to say hello! More to come later if I actually get any responses! 


Hey, we made CNN! Sort of.

Not sure it's the greatest article, but it's nice to see a poly-friendly psychologist.

Mod note
I'm going to set this initially for open membership, as I suppose there will be a bit of a surge initially, and I don't think we'll get too much trouble initially. If I get some help, or we have trouble, I'll go to moderated membership.

First Post!
V: 5th of November
OK, so I've started this community. Can somebody else make a post? While you're at it, I'm looking for moderators, as I don't intend to play poly cop by myself.